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Quince Leaf Tea

Quince Leaf Tea is a wonderful yummy drink that has amazing medicinal properties. From being the No1 herb in treating diarrhea to help you and kids on the go to boosting your immune system, effectively treating colds, and maintaining heart health, quince tea is an absolute nutritious must in your health cabinet.

Black Seed Extract

Black Seed (Cumin) Extract benefits your skin health and helps regulate metabolism. It also helps burn fat, and manage blood pressure, and control cholesterol. By trying our Black Seed Extract, you help your body stay both in good health and good shape.

Mugwort Extract

Mugwort Extract tincture benefits include helping in parasitic worm elimination and the treatment of digestive tract disorders. Due to its antibacterial, anti-fungal, expectorative, and antiasthmatic properties, the mugwort plant has been extensively used for a wide variety of health ailments.

Herb Me Immune

Are you feeling run down and need a natural boost to get you back on your feet? Whether it's traveling, fighting off illness, or just dealing with everyday stress, Herb Me Immune is a 100% natural immunity booster that has you covered! Packed with therapeutic herbs like Echinacea, Wild Oregano, and Licorice, it’s a powerful uplift of natural immunity protection. No need to worry about taking pills with harsh side-effects - go herbal with Herb Me Immune extract and you'll be feeling your best in no time! Scroll down to read more details.

Herb Me Burn Fat

Want to give your weight loss journey a boost? It’s primarily a health matter. Herb Me Burn Fat is an all-natural herbal remedy for sustainable and effective weight loss. Made by a seasoned herbalist for maximum effects, this premium blend of several herbs, all of which have been shown as effective in promoting weight loss, helps you burn fat, suppress your appetite, and boost your metabolism. Simply add a few drops to a bit of water and say goodbye to those unwanted pounds! Scroll down to read more details.

Herb Me Sleep

Herb Me Sleep is a blend of natural herbs specially formulated to help you drift off into a peaceful slumber. Whether you're dealing with jet lag or just have difficulty winding down at the end of the day, it can help you get the rest you need. Made with Valerian, Chamomile, Lavender, and Hops, this remedy is both safe and effective. Within minutes of taking a few drops before bedtime, you'll start to feel drowsy and will be able to go into a deep sleep. Forget the morning grogginess and drowsiness and finally wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested - try Herb Me Sleep tonight! Scroll down to read more details.

Herb Me Lady Balance

Herb Me Lady Balance is a natural remedy mix of herbs designed to keep women's health in perfect balance. Whether you're dealing with occasional bloating or PMS or are going through menopause, this unique mix of quality herbs reinforcing each other’s effects can help ease your symptoms and restore your sense of well-being. The next time you feel out of sorts, add a few drops of this herbal extract to a bit of water and start feeling like yourself again, no matter what life throws your way! Scroll down to read more details.

Herb Me De-Stress

Looking to de-stress and relax your body and mind? This unique liquid herbal extract formula is composed of a mix of potent healing herbs reinforcing each other in its soothing effects. Whether you're feeling tense from work or everyday life, a few drops of Herb Me De-Stress will help you be at ease all while boosting your energy. Simply add a few drops to a bit of water and witness the calm. Cheers to stress-free living! Scroll down to read more details.



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