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Agrimony Extract

Agrimony extract uses are numerous. Agrimony herb benefits digestion, reduces heavy menstrual bleeding and inflammation, controls bladder and diabetes.

Angelica Root Extract

Angelica is mostly used for any kind of digestive complaint or respiratory issue. It is also great to relieve pain associated with arthritis and PMS, and to improve blood circulation.

Chamomile Flower Extract

One of the most popular herbal teas, Chamomile protects the skin and digestive health, regulates sleep, and soothes menstrual cramps. It also boosts the immune system, lowers stress levels, and reduces belly bloating.

Coltsfoot Extract

Coltsfoot extract benefits skin and hair as it contains natural antioxidant properties which help protect them and reverse the damage done by environmental free radicals. Coltsfoot herb is also used for treating sore throat and various lung and respiratory ailments.

Lavender Flower Extract

Apart from its divine smell, Lavender is also packed with medicinal benefits - it treats anxiety, stress and insomnia, it's amazing for skin and hair and helps your digestion work better!

Licorice Root Extract

Licorice - a tasty candy AND a powerful healing herb - it helps digestive and respiratory health, soothes the skin, heart and inflammation, relieves menstrual pains and anxiety, and it's excellent for your hair!

Linseed (Flaxseed) Extract

Flaxseed are gluten free and an ideal way to increase your vitamin and essential acids intake. They are great for your heart, blood pressure and make your skin healthy and vibrant!

Nettle Leaf Extract

Nettle leaf extract benefits the whole body by acting as a powerful detoxifier. Organic nettle leaf is used for skin and hair, for treating allergies and asthma, as well as aid in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Nettle Seed Extract

Nettle seeds are the most nutritious part of nettle. They keep your energy levels high, help soothe PMS symptoms and keep your nails, skin, kidneys and lungs healthy!

Rosemary Extract

Rosemary extract benefits brain function by improving memory performance and preventing Alzheimer's, ataxia, and dementia. Rosemary herb is used for hair growth, liver detoxification, and reducing joint inflammation.