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St John’s Wort Extract

St John's wort is mostly known as an effective antidepressant with no side effects. It also balances hormones, helps with PMS and menopause, OCD and helps with withdrawal symptoms when quitting addictions.

Strawberry Leaf Extract

Strawberry Leaf extract benefits anyone who is treating anemia, as well as anyone who needs increased iron in their diet - sportsmen, women in pregnancy or in their menstrual cycle. Strawberry Leaf extract promotes digestive health, purifies blood, and regulates high blood pressure.

Sweet Clover Extract

Sweet Clover extract benefits respiratory and digestive system and is also a powerful plant used for full body detox. Sweet Clover uses include treating insomnia, anxiety, bruises, hemorrhoids , and varicose veins.

Sweet Flag Extract

Sweet Flag extract benefits skin, mouth, and respiratory health. Sweet Flag plant also fights depression and inflammation, and aids sleep, metabolism, circulation, and hormone regulation.

Thyme Extract

Thyme plant extract helps in lowering the blood pressure, treats respiratory issues such as blocked sinuses or seasonal allergies, and increases immunity. Thyme is a powerful herb that protects your eyes and skin, as well as boosts your mood and eases your mind at stressful times.

Tormentil Extract

Tormentil root heals the whole digestive system - starting from the mouth and throat, all the way to the intestines. It is also excellent for any skin problems - wounds, cuts, burns, eczema, and rashes.

Valerian Root Extract

Valerian root is the most famous for its relaxing qualities. It helps us to fall asleep, relax, soothes anxiety and depression and relieves headaches and migraines. Additionally, it is good digestion, menstrual health and it's a brain booster!

Vervain Extract

Vervain extract benefits the overall health by detoxifying the body. Vervain herb has powerful soothing effects that help treat nervous disorders, chronic anxiety and depression, stress, and sleeping disorders.

Walnut Hull Extract

Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in its effect, Walnut Hull tincture benefits your skin and hair health, boosts immunity and fights off infections. It also regulates thyroid, promotes weight loss, reduces sweating, and shows as promising in cancer treatment. By trying our Walnut Hull tincture antioxidant superstar, you maintain your body’s balance and relieve inflammation.

Walnut Leaf Extract

Walnut Leaf extract benefits skin health by treating inflammation and itching, eczema, acne, psoriasis, and xerosis. Walnut leaf has anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties, which makes it amazing for cleaning out your digestive system of all parasites and returning the balanced functioning of your gut.

White Mustard Seed Extract

Like with most herbal medicines, preparation and dosage of White Mustard Seed extract is a very simple procedure. Bellow you can find the exact dosages and preparations methods.

Wild Bear Garlic Extract

Bear garlic - a famous spring time cleanser, is amazing for cleaning the blood and treating cholesterol and high blood pressure. It also relieves stomach problems and protects you against colds, viruses and chronic diseases.