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Red Clover Tea

Red Clover tea benefits include balancing hormonal shifts during PMS, reducing hot flashes and night sweats in menopause, and reducing hypertension. Red Clover herb is also used for treating skin irritations and slowing skin aging, as well as for improving men's health by blocking certain enzymes that cause prostate growth.

Strawberry Leaf Tea

Strawberry Leaf tea benefits anyone who is treating anemia, as well as anyone who needs increased iron in their diet - sportsmen, women in pregnancy or in their menstrual cycle. Strawberry Leaf tea promotes digestive health, purifies blood, and regulates high blood pressure.

Sweet Flag Tea

Sweet Flag tea benefits skin, mouth, and respiratory health. Sweet Flag plant also fights depression and inflammation, and aids sleep, metabolism, circulation, and hormone regulation.

Walnut Hull Extract

Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in its effect, Walnut Hull tincture benefits your skin and hair health, boosts immunity and fights off infections. It also regulates thyroid, promotes weight loss, reduces sweating, and shows as promising in cancer treatment. By trying our Walnut Hull tincture antioxidant superstar, you maintain your body’s balance and relieve inflammation.