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Agrimony Tea

Agrimony tea uses are numerous. Agrimony herb benefits digestion, reduces heavy menstrual bleeding and inflammation, controls bladder and diabetes.

Alfalfa Tea

Alfalfa health benefits include lowering cholesterol, preventing anemia, DNA and cell damage, and relieving the menopause symptoms thanks to phytoestrogens. Alfalfa tea will also do wonders for heart and digestive system health, all with massively boosting your immune system.

Angelica Root Tea

Angelica is used for any kind of digestive complaint or respiratory issue. It is also great to relieve pain associated with arthritis and PMS, and to improve blood circulation.

Anise Seed Tea

Anise Seed Tea benefits digestion by acting as a mild laxative and relieving symptoms of constipation. Anise Seed can also help regulate blood sugar, help breastfeeding, maintain hormonal balance, and boost the immune system.

Artichoke Leaf Tea

Artichoke Leaf tea benefits your overall health by lowering cholesterol, blood sugar, as well as fighting inflammation. Artichoke leaf is used in skin care to protect the skin from chronic disease and oxidative stress. Artichoke also helps digestion and removes harmful toxins from your liver.

Basil Leaf Tea

Basil Leaf tea benefits the whole body by fighting inflammation and oxidative stress, aiding digestion and liver function. Basil herb helps keep diabetes under control. Basil leaf is very powerful in fighting depression and anxiety and is also used in skin care, reducing brown age spots.

Bean Shell Tea

Bean shell is commonly used to treat diabetes and as a diuretic, to maintain the body weight and as a detox. You can drink it as a tea or make a tasty soup out of it!

Bearberry Leaf Tea

Bearberry Leaf (Uva ursi) benefits the health of the uterus and is commonly used for treating urinary infections. It protects the immune system and detoxes the body, thus relieving many problems.

Bilberry Berry Tea

Bilberry is an anti-inflammatory superfood packed with antioxidants - it prevents cancer and various illnesses, helps your eyes and kidney health, lowers diabetes and cholesterol, and boosts your brain power!