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We at BalkanHerb are a small family business with the mission to offer a wide array of affordable herbal products without ever compromising on quality.

A warm hub and your go-to supplier for herbal tea, medicinal herbs, spices, dried herbs, liquid herbal extracts, tinctures, and other herbal goodies, we ensure you get the highest quality of herbal products.

Gratefully passing what our dearly loved grandmothers taught us, we’ve carried on a long line of ancient rich tradition, and quickly became the go-to wholesale raw herb shop and herbal medicine supplier for many satisfied customers worldwide.

If you’re looking for a reliable medicinal herbs store online that offers everything from bulk herbal tea and extracts, spices, to wholesale raw herbs and more, we’re the shop for you.

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Herbal healing represents going back to nature for guidance, for nurture, for its healing warmth, and becoming one with it.

Herbal teas don’t just go to your stomach, they also connect to your soul. 

Drinking tea is a special ritual where nature warmly and wisely tends to you. It is something you can always rely on for support and healing. We bring this nature’s gift to you, yours to unwrap for a healthy and long life. 

Our herbal teas would love to make it to your tea party!

Leverage the full potential of natural herbal remedies with our herbal extracts that will help keep your health in check and protect you from all sorts of ailments.

Herbal extracts are concentrated liquid extracts of the herb’s leaves, berries, roots, barks, other plant parts, or herb as a whole. As such, they preserve the herb’s beneficial active ingredients and its powerful therapeutic effect.

Our herbal extracts are made from the highest quality wild herbs caressed by the Sun above and rooted in warm hug of Earth below, to bring natural healing to your doorstep, wherever in the world you are.

Herbal extracts are easy to consume on the go, so you will never miss out on time-tested benefits of the health-boosting compounds found in plants.

If you’re looking to buy single liquid herbal extracts online, we’re the store for you!

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